The Or Foundation Launches the Agbetsi Living Water Swim Expedition to Track the Impact of Textile Pollution Throughout Ghana

Led by Yvette Tetteh, The Or Foundation Board Member, Social Entrepreneur, Activist and Athlete, in collaboration with expedition operator Bravehearts Expeditions, the Agbetsi Living Water Swim Expedition builds on The Or Foundation's ecotoxicological research to grow a community in Ghana and around the world inspired to imagine a future where the beach is clean and the waters clear. A future where fishing nets catch fish, and not trash. A future without discarded clothes washing up along the banks of our rivers, burning on our roadsides, or towering over the homes of thousands of people at the place once regarded as a sacred lagoon. A future where the Korle Lagoon is swimmable…

With the stage set by decades of Waste Colonialism and centuries of extractive and exploitative global trade, this future may seem impossible, but it is the future we are working toward. It is the future we must work toward, breaking down the impossible into its constituent parts, one stroke at a time.

Follow along with daily dispatches from the first of its kind expedition, 12 immersive stories from along the Volta River and the scientific sampling at LivingWaterSwim.org.